Year 5 Spellings

Please find attached the Year 5 spellings for this academic year.


Please note, that the due to a switch to Spelling Shed, the homophone / near homophone spellings for week commencing Monday 10th February, Monday 24th February and Monday 2nd March2020 will vary from those shown below.

Monday 10th February - cereal, serial, complement, compliment, principal, principle, stationary, stationery, wary, weary

Monday 24th February - aisle, isle, allowed, aloud, altar, alter, ascent, assent, farther, father

Monday 2nd March - affect, effect, precede, proceed, draft, draught, dessert, desert, whose, who's


Autumn 1

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 Autumn 2

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Spring 1

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Spring 2

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Summer 1

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Summer 2

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