At Mappleborough Green we use the highly successful Monster Phonics DFE Accredited Programme to teach our children the early skills of reading. The program foundations begin in Reception and continue through KS1, to support children to develop their reading skills, until they have gained the necessary skills to read fluently a wide range of text. Our children do well in the phonics screening check and by Year 2, the majority are fluent readers with the best chance of success in KS2.

Monster Phonics is a DfE validated systematic synthetic phonics programme.

Monster Phonics is child-centred and improves results. Children make progress because the approach is meaningful, interactive, and easy to understand, creating high engagement. The systematic colour-coding of graphemes linked to phoneme monsters makes phonics easier to understand. Children also love the monsters, and this brings phonics to life. Our activities are multisensory requiring reading, writing, singing and actions.

Introduction to Monster Phonics   Monster Phonics for Parents/

Monster Song

Our Intent is for all our children to be able to read accurately and fluently. At Mappleborough we develop the children’s skills from an early age to segment words and blend sounds together to read. Through high quality precise teaching we will develop secure comprehension skills. Children will develop stamina and learn to read with expression and confidence. We endeavour to empower our pupils to develop into lifelong learners who read for both purpose and pleasure.