At Mappleborough Green we strive to engage our children, add spark and energy to their lessons and promote a strong sense of self worth.

In September 2014 the government introduced the New Curriculum, we have used this to create a motivating and inspiring thematic curriculum for our pupils. We work from and develop the National Curriculum to meet our children's needs. In doing this we place a high emphasis on basic skills with a wide range of opportunities for art, design, science, technology and drama.

We aim to produce well-rounded children who can play a positive part as tomorrow's citizens. As a Church of England school we actively promote Christian Values through our curriculum both in the classroom and out.

We work tirelessly to create an enriched curriculum for our children, injecting varied and rich learning experiences. Every term each class has at least one first-hand learning experience; they might go on a visit or invite a visitor into school. We often have themed events, for example: 'Take One Picture' or ‘Everybody Writes’ which encourages our children to develop their creative skills.

Learning outside the classroom is important for us at Mappleborough Green and in delivering our curriculum we strive to make links with our fabulous locality. We are lucky to be situated only a few miles from a wealth of learning opportunities including a partnership with The Heart of England Forest.

We are also fortunate to have our very own forest located on our school grounds; this is incredibly exciting and motivating allowing our children to develop confidence, imagination, initiative and team spirit in a beautiful setting. It really is a marvellous place to learn. 

Another key feature of our curriculum is our use of innovative technology. We benefit from a significant investment in ICT including iPads and Chrome Books.