Class 1


Welcome to Reception and Year 1!

In Class 1 we have a team of enthusiastic and dedicated staff in our  classroom. The team is led by  Mrs Groom and supported by teaching assistants; Miss Rueben and Mrs Nicholls.



Daily Reading

The most helpful thing you can do to support your child’s learning is to read with them at home. We suggest around 10 minutes per day, sharing a book which your child reads to you, with your support if needed, and then discuss. The children in Early Years will bring home two books  a week for you to share. One will be linked to their current phonics learning and the other will practice their high frequency words. Please ensure that these books are always in your child’s bag so that we can read with them in school and change them when needed.


Your child will have a phonic book in which we will add the week's new phonemes. Please revise these regularly. It is vital that they continue to practise every sound regularly so they become familiar with them and ultimately use them in their reading and writing. Throughout the year, you will be amazed at how many sounds and key words your child learns and this comes from a team effort between home and school. 

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Year 1 children will have additional phonics/handwriting activities in their homework books.

 High Frequency Words

There are 45 high frequency words that we hope that the children will learn to read by the end of Reception. There are 100 to learn in Year 1. These are words that need to be read onsight and not sounded out. You will be amazed at how quickly their reading develops as they learn these. There is a gold medal (45) and a trophy (100) up for grabs! 

45 words100 words

Reading Challenge

In the Summer Term we introduce our set of Reading Challenge Books. There are 12 - enough for 1 book a week. The children share these at home - respond to them (written or pictorial) in their challenge books. At the end of the term if they read all 12 then they will be invited to a join in the whole school reward. (tbc)



 Year 1

Monday afternoon (Mr Finch)

Thursday morning (Mrs Groom)


Monday Afternoon - Yoga (Mrs Groom)

Thurday Morning (Mrs Groom)


Children should come to school in their PE Kit (green shorts, T shirt, trainers, sweatshirt or hoodie and tracksuit bottoms - all available for our uniform supplier with the exception of footwear).

Forest School


 Friday Afternoon: Please wear school tracksuit bottoms and hoodies. Wellingtons boots should remain in school all week. Sometimes we will choose to get out the PE equipment as an alternative so PE kit will still be required.



Class 1 Long Term Plan - ReceptionClass 1 Long term Plan - Year 1